When you walk into the studio you may not even see them!  Our white heat panels are ceiling mounted and create a beautiful even heat throughout the room.  Radiant heat panels transmit far infrared heat energy. Much research has been done on the benifits of infrared heat.  In planning the studio much research was done on the best heat for us at Pictou County Yoga!

Infrared therapy promotes greater immunity, healing through increasing white blood cell count, flushing of toxins from lymph areas and the skin, increased blood flow can provide relief from arthritis, muscle spasms and joint stiffness. Outstanding effects on caloric consumption in other; words you burn more calories just by experiencing this heat!  Fights celluite and coronary artery disease! This is some serious mulitasking!

If you are interested in learning more about FIR (Far Infrared) this link provides a summary of the more relevant detail to the layperson on its benifits. www.earthtym.net/ref-far-infared.htm

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