Pictou County Yoga & Fitness is proud to introduce our wonderful team of instructors! We are always looking to expand and grow our community, this includes our group of leaders. Please reach out to us if you have  health and wellness training and would like to learn about or join our team.

Kelly MacLeod
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A St Francis Xavier Graduate, BSC Human Kinetics, I have been in the fitness industry since graduation in 2000, bringing 17 years of experience as a passionate and loving guide. A CANFITPRO certified Fitness Instructor Specialist and Personal Trainer Specialist, I am so excited to share my love and passion with all of you at Pictou County Yoga & Fitness. I took the plunge and took over ownership of the studio in June of 2017 and couldn't be happier. It has been a dream of mine to own a fitness studio for as long as I can remember and it has been an amazing adventure so far. Flow yoga, PiyoLIVE, aerobic training, athletic training, kick boxing, weight lifting, boot camp, Zumba, Aquafit, TRX suspension training, Piloxing, and step are just some of the classes that I have lead during my career as a coach and guide. Find me at the studio leading CardioMix, Knockout, Transform, Yoga Flow, REPS, Sport and who knows what's next! I'm always up for new ideas and different ways to move our bodies, cause let's face it, it feels great!
"I believe our quest for health and fitness is a lifelong journey that changes along the way as we change as individuals. Therefore I believe in trying new things and pushing our boundaries to become more well rounded. It truly is my passion to lead and help other people on their health and wellness journeys."

Leanne Burrows
1st Asana

Born May 21st 1974 and raised in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, daughter to Robert and Elizabeth French, little sister to Terry.  Graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University Bachelor of Arts Psychology 1996.  Married to Greg Burrows in 1997, and proud Mom to Robert 1997, Campbell 1999 and Nora 2001 my three greatest gifts to the world!  Stay at home Mom, yoga teacher and now PCY studio owner.
 Pictou County Yoga is 'like' a dream come true for me.  I say 'like' because it's a dream I did not even know I had!  Planning and watching this studio come to life has been fun and an introduction to many new things and people.  I am most excited about meeting and sharing yoga and this space with all of you!  My first introduction to yoga was from Ella Russell at the YMCA in New Glasgow many years ago.  I practiced with Ella for about ten years and will always be grateful for the many things I learned from her.  I began checking out different studios and instructors on hockey trips with my children and work trips with my husband Greg.  Every class and studio different, I found I loved them all and knew that I wanted more yoga in my life!  On a day trip to Halifax with Greg to meet with an architect to discuss the newest Subway restaurant in Pictou County, of course, I brought my mat in hopes of taking in a new class while in the city.  As Greg chatted about ideas for the new construction; I chatted with the architects assistant about my yoga class and my intentions to begin a teacher training program.  We joked about putting my very own hot studio in the new building so I would not need to travel to Halifax for a hot yoga class.   By the time Greg and I reached Mount Thom on our way home that evening  (15 minutes from our home in New Glasgow) "Pictou County Yoga" was conceived! 
I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Therapeutic Approach yoga Studio.  At TAYS I trained with Maxine Munroe, Mike Munroe, Leslie Bishop-Hunter, Tomomi Kojima and Jolene D'Entremont.  Five amazing yogis, it felt like five teacher trainings in one.  They each brought something new and exciting to their teaching and in turn my learning and my practice.  At TAYS I learned about Live Love Teach, saw the amazing impact this advanced teacher training had had on my teachers and knew it was a must do!  I traveled to Texas for a 5 day advanced intensive teacher training with Philip Urso, Stacy Dockins and Deborah Williamson.  This trip changed my life (an inside joke I would love to share with you, please ask) #AndreaGouldAndriopoulos  Five days with Philip, Stacy and Debbie as well as a group of many other yoga teachers and studio owners was formative to say the least.  My journey to opening Pictou County Yoga began before I knew and I have no idea what is the next; only that I want to meet and share this good stuff with as many people as I possibly can!

This picture is of my 1st Asana at Pictou County Yoga

Michelle Harvie
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Michelle first started her yoga practice as a way to help control SAD. After practicing at many studios across Canada, the USA and UK, she rolled out her mat at Pictou County Yoga shortly after it opened its doors, and has been there ever since. Michelle graduated from Joyful Yoga in Truro with her 200hr RYT course and you can catch her in studio daily, in her own class or practicing along with other guides. She feels honoured to have been mentored by the amazing instructors at PCY, and takes a light hearted approach to her own style of teaching. Her love of sequencing and transitioning from pose to pose with leave you feeling challenged and accomplished.

Alison Macleod

Alison loves her day job as an EA with Sobeys Inc. “It’s a hugely generous company with incredible leaders and dedicated employees”She was introduced to yoga with Ella in a local Church Hall basement about 20 years ago, upon moving to Halifax in 2009 she could be found almost daily melting into her mat at Moksha Yoga Dresden Row. Alison will admit her passion for running was her daily fitness focus having completed 12 full marathons and more recently Yoga assumed that focus at a time when Alison says she needed it the most. In her personal practice she finds great passion in coming to her mat and centering in opening Savasana at least 30 minutes before practicing. “It’s my me time” She and partner, Duane (fellow yogi) returned to New Glasgow 2014 and her mat has been rolled out on the cork at PCY pretty much whenever a class was offered. In May 2016 Alison completed 200 hour teacher training (YTT) in Vinyasa Flow mindfully connecting movement and breath with Jenny Kierstead at Breathing Space in Halifax and she joined our PCY Team immediately. Alison’s classes will leave you feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced and are well suited to leading students at all levels. “The quieter you become, the more you can hear”. 

Deaven Cochrane
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It was curiosity and adventure that swayed Deaven to her first Hot Yoga class while living out West. It was love at first Savasana!! Her practice grew quickly. Shortly after, her belly grew too! Between babies one, two and three, Deaven's practice was an on-again off-again type relationship. Eager to get back after completing her family, she enrolled in the energy exchange program with Moksha Yoga in Bedford and has had a consistant practice ever since. The desire to deepen her knowledge and own personal practice lead Deaven to Breathing Space Yoga where she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. She now guides Gentle Flow, Hot Yoga and Intro to Yoga Series. 
"I love being a part of our Yoga community, leading classes and being witness to the afterglow a yoga practice leaves you with!"

Shari McGuigan
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Shari is a recent 200hr graduate, who has been practicing yoga for the past 20 years, and she has also just added Reiki Level 2 certification to her portfolio. Shari is passionate about sharing yoga with the world, and being an elementary school teacher she incorporates yoga into the curriculum of her grade 1 students, be;ieving it is a great way to start the day and get them focused and ready for learning. Shari credits yoga with saving her from a lifetime of pain and disability, both physically and emotionally. You'll find her on her mat at PCY&F either in self practice, teaching Yin (including Reiki) or leading little ones in her Kids Yoga Program.

Rachael MacLean
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Yoga was a gift from the beginning! Through yoga Rachael reconnected with her body and created a healthy relationship with herself, mind, body and spirit. Realizing the incredible benefits of yoga practice she knew she wanted to share yoga with others. Yoga has helped her heal in ways that make her a true yoga enthusiast. She has had many teachers and guides along the way and continues her education yearly. Rachael completed her 200hr yoga teacher training in the Kripalu tradition in 2009 with AYTT in Dartmouth.  Kripalu is Sanskrit for compassion. We all need compassion in our lives and we must start with ourselves. Rachael is also certified in Seniors Yoga, Children's Yoga and Prana Flow.

Create some space and enjoy a gentle practice. Deepen your awareness and listen to your body. It has great wisdom! 

Beginning March 1st Rachael will be leading Gentle Flow Yoga on Thursday from 12:05 to 12:50  Followed by Chair Yoga from 1:30-2:15 on Thursdays 



Susan Barry
I first came to yoga in 2003 after a hip injury developed from running marathons while living in Toronto.  I quickly saw the benefits and began a regular practice. I loved the changes that occurred in both my body and my outlook on life. I knew at some point in the future I would want to share my passion for yoga with others.  My journey to become a 200 Hour Registered  Yoga Teacher  began in 2012 when I retired from a corporate business career. I will complete my RYT certificate this fall and have studied with various Master Trainers in the Yogafit Canada organization including Joy Keller, Tracey Jennings-Hill and Paul Gallaro.  "Yogafit is designed to improve the health, performance, and mental acuity of athletes and individuals who strive to improve their level of fitness and well being" says founder Beth Shaw.  I have completed specialized courses such as Yoga for Kids, Yoga Lean and Yoga Sweat.   My husband and I share our time between beautiful Nova Scotia and sunny Florida. While in Florida this past winter I focused my practice on Ashtanga yoga with Carmen Lewis, a 500 Hour RYT.  An avid subscriber of Gaiam TV, I learn teaching tips by following Kino MacGregor, Ashley Turner, David Magone and Clara Roberts-Oss.  Yoga truly is a journey of growth for the body and the mind.  I look forward to meeting you on your mat at Pictou County Yoga!
Nivedhita Krishnan
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Namaste, I am Nive ( Niveditha Krishnan), a certified Hatha Yoga teacher having completed 500 hours of Teacher training from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthri Ashram, Kerala, India. I specialize in teaching sivananda sequence and my classes include a blend of breathing techniques ( Pranayama) and asanas with relaxation.

I am also specialized in conducting Chakra Yoga and Dhayana ( Meditation ) Workshops. I have conducted Kirtan / Bhajan at various places around Southern part of India.

I am looking forward to serve and share my knowledge to the community of Pictou county.


Richard Cameron

Richard will be joining us for the summer months teaching Tai Chi on the rooftop at PCYF. He has extensive experience in many facets of health and physical fitness, including being a Certified National Swim coach, Certified National Paddling Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. His main focus is the promotion of health and wellness, helping people succeed in lifetime fitness and health, and helping others reach their athletic goals. As a Certifed Tai Chi Instructor and Tai Chi Weapons Instructor, Richard brings something new and fresh to PCYF.

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