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In Between the Expressions of the Pose

Posted by Steve Currie, RYT on 5 June 2013 | 155037 Comments

JumpI recall running the Ottawa marathon a few years back. It was a sunny, spectacular day. The route took us through Rockcliffe Park, the wealthiest area of the city, home to several Embassies and diplomats from all over the world. Breathtaking homes. My legs felt strong, I had just met a very interesting guy named Doug and we ran and chatted for the first several miles. As Doug and I paced each other comfortably, this guy kept passing us, and then he’d show up behind us somehow, and slowly make his way by again. What was he doing?  While Doug regaled us with stories of his all night 100 mile ultra marathon runs, we took note of the passer guy again. Every so often, he would veer off course and spring up onto the manicured greenery of these majestic properties and reach up and high five the people watching from their front lawns. He would then drop to his knees in front of their Better Homes and Gardens flower beds and inhale deeply the aromatic buffet of olfactory bliss. He would then rise, smile so wide you surely thought that his face would crack in half, then he would carry on his run! WHAT! I thought ?! .  “Brilliant” smiled Doug as we all chuckled as the late 40’s guy kept running ahead to make sure he took it all in. This runner…was much separated from the start and finish of his marathon and brilliantly plugged into the in-between moments.

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