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Circuits. Tabata. Core strength. HIIT. Drills and more. Using equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls as well as body weight exercises to challenge your body and get results. Mimimal Fitness testing on Day 1 and Day 8 to track your progress. 4 week bootcamp, meeting 2x per week on Monday and Friday @6am, 45 minutes per session. This camp will be lead by Phil, with Kelly as back up. Start date is Friday Sept 8, 2017, finishing on October 2.                   Pre registration is required so reserve your spot online or in studio.

 (maximum 10 people per camp, minimum 5 to run it)



Learn the basics with other beginners in this 6 week workshop. Classes will be held at room temperature on Sundays at 11am starting on Sept 24. Use yoga props, such as bolsters and straps to help you ease into and enhance your practice. Duane will share his knowledge and love of yoga with you so that you will feel more comfortable and confident continuing your practice with some of our other classes.  Pre registration is required for this session, sign up online or in studio.






























































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