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Intro to Yoga with Rachael MacLean

Join Rachael in this 6 week Introduction to Yoga session. Classes will be held on Tuesday afternoons at 4pm for one hour starting on November 14th. Rachael will guide you through the basics on how to perform postures, understand vocabulary and utilize yoga blocks, bolsters and straps to enhance your practice. The small, intimate group setting allows you to feel comfortable asking questions and getting practical feedback along the way.  This is a great program for those who are new to yoga, or for those who have been away from their practice for sometime and need a refresher. Registration is now open online by clicking on the link above. Preregistration is required as there is limited space.  



Circuits. Tabata. Core strength. HIIT. Drills and more. Using equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls as well as body weight exercises to challenge your body and get results. Mimimal Fitness testing on Day 1 and Day 8 to track your progress. 4 week bootcamp, meeting 2x per week on Monday and Friday @6am, 45 minutes per session. This camp will be lead by Phil, with Kelly as back up. Upcoming Bootcamp dates TBA



Join Shari for this 4 week yoga session for little yogis. Each class includes yoga, stories, games, art and lots of fun, best suited for ages 6-9. Classes will start October 15 and run until November 5, on Sundays at 230pm. Preregistration is required and limited space available. A great way to introduce your little warrior to the beautiful practice of yoga.































































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