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We welcome new clients at all of our classes for information and suggestions please feel free to contact us using the contact information on this page

(Please note: Cancellations due to inclement weather or power outages will be posted ASAP on the home page as well as on our Facebook page, check back regularly)    



1130AM                  WARM GENTLE YOGA w Dorothy               Warm 60 mins
700PM                    WARM YIN YOGA w Shari                         Warm 75 mins

930AM                   HOT YOGA FLOW w Kelly                         Hot 60 mins
1205PM                 YOGA PILATES FLOW w Kelly                    RT 45 mins
530PM                   HOT VINYASA FLOW w Clare                    Hot 60 mins
705PM                   REPS/ STEP REPS w Kelly                         RT 60 mins

600AM                    PIYOLIVE/ Core & More                          RT 40 mins
930AM                    TRANSFORM/BOOTY& BARRE w Kelly      RT 50 mins
530PM                    CARDIOMIX w Phil/Kelly                         RT 60 mins
700PM                    PIYOLIVE w Nicole/Kelly                         RT 45 mins 

930AM                    WARM YOGA FLOW w Dorothy               Warm 60 mins 
1205PM                  CORE & MORE w Kelly                            RT 45 mins
530PM                    TRANSFORM w Kelly                              RT 60 mins
700PM                    ROOM TEMP GENTLE YOGA w Dorothy     RT 60 mins

600AM                    SHRED w Phil                                        RT 30 mins
930AM                    REPS/ STEP REPS w Kelly                        RT 45 mins
530PM                    HOT VINYASA FLOW w Darcy                  Hot 60 mins
705PM                    TABATA w Mandy                                   RT 40 mins

930AM                    BASIC STEP w Kelly                               RT 45 mins
1205PM                  PIYOLIVE/ STEP w Kelly                          RT 45 mins
530PM                    HOT VINYASA FLOW w Brianna                Hot 60 mins
705PM                    CARDIO MIX** w Kelly                           RT 30-45 mins

800AM                    SHRED w Kelly                                       RT 30 mins
930AM                    HOT VINYASA FLOW                               Hot 60 mins

 **CARDIO MIX  will rotate between Sport, Zumba, Strong 30, Knockout and Power Step 
** Some classes alternate biweekly, please see our facebook page for specific dates

 RT- Room Temp 70- 75degrees

Warm- heated to 85 degrees

Hot- heated to 95 degrees


Please contact us with any scheduling questions.

We offer private, semi private and group classes 


*All schedule changes will be updated on our website Facebook and Twitter .
 *All levels welcome at our classes youth included 12 years and older at parents discretion (not suitable for small children) 
*Hot, Heated and Warm Yoga classes are heated by our Far Infrared Fabulous Heat Panels. Far Infrared Heat paired with yoga offers immense benefits Temperature Range from 80-85 in Warm classes to 90-95 degrees in Hot classes.
*Room temperature Classes will be hover at approx 72 degrees with fresh air circulating breathe deeply!
*Rooftop classes will be held in studio at room temperature if weather dictates.
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